Saturday, 11 September 2010

Crossing over to the other side

Neil -updated dvd list

I was hunting for dvds in one of those charity shops -which funds research into finding a cure for terminal demise or at least raising public awerness that death is 100% fatal. When i came across an old copy of the AA Guide To Identifying Animals you find squashed in the road. Nowdays its usually a fox - its the main cause of their mortality. Why is it that you never see rats given their are so many about late at night i have often seen them scuttling around bin liner bags -their seem to be more and more of these rodents around yet they never seem to get run over, do their colonies stay in one place but they breed like muslims. So many rats that -we may not each have a guardian angel -i am sure we each have or own personal rat or two or three.
Back in the 1970S it was always hedgehogs that you seemed to find squashed in the road, ok the occasional weassel or stoat. It was as widespread then as the then tredition off pissing in phone boxs. You even used to get visual gags on tv about giant hedgehogs running across motorways squashing cars. At the time their was some suspect claim that some hedgehogs would run across the road-that is go on running -while others at the sound of danger would curl up into a defensive ball. By an alleged process of naturel selection the ball ones -spending more time in the road became eliminated -but you just do not see any around today -maybe it just took longer for the runners to end up being squashed.

Nowdays recently most of the urban or inner city foxes have stated to look mangy - only a few years back they seemed in good condition. Note recent reports on fox attacks on people and cats -is this just press stuff -or are attacks increasing ?
In lincolnshire and around Melton Mowbray , where until recently the hunt used to parade around, you still never see foxes. London foxes have no fear of people. My mother has always maintained they can attack cats but mine used to chase them off .

Some years back their was this guy biologist Rupert Shaldrake who used to feature in the press and on TV he claimed their was a kind of morphic field - wherby animals collectivly communicated with each other. So if lots of rats at differant locations where given a maze to run -this knowladge- of how to solve the maze paths would be communicated to rat kind. Maybe it explains the fox and hedgehog thing. Perhaps even the so called Flynn effect see wikpedia, which claims that people are getting smarter because they are doing better at IQ tests. ok this may all be stupid -but i have not seen this put forward anywhere.

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Dave regarding your joke title -read the US bestseller -The Reason For God -by Timothy Keller