Thursday, 23 September 2010

The Trash Factor

Chloe Mafia - is now earning thousands out of deals with newspapers. Maybe she will get her own reality tv show. Keith MacDonald -unemployed on disability benefit - the standard back problem - yet has managed to impregnate 16 differant slags more then double the character in Shamless C4 comady about benefit scamers.

Lets milions on fake disability benefits - either due to stress or back problems . A tv show which promotes the talentless proles - as a potential star . One of them becomes a star- sort of like the Sex Pistols of the late 1970s.

Was this prefigured in Victor Hugo's Hunchback of Notra -Dame.

At the secret Paris disrict - known as the Court Of Miracles - the professional beggers gather -the blind can see , the lame can walk. Out of their number the elect one to be a Fools Pope - the X-Factor of 16th Century.

ps if you want to watch a genuinly suspense thriller - check out Fifty Dead Men Walking about informers /infiltrators in the IRA. Based on real events , with real tension as discovery will mean brutal interrogation and execution . check it on

pps A premiarship footballer and another guy have been arrested on rape charge, given ethnicity lets guess . Some girl got herself a footballer only as in numerous previous incidents she did not expect to be "roasted " by two guys as if she where a piece of meat. Thats one guy taking her from behind will she is expected /coercied into sucking the other man . Oh well its just a cultural thing.

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