Friday, 10 September 2010

we will always have paris?

Maybe -this famous line from Casablanca was used as the title of a Star Trek the Next Generation episode . What would Paris really be like in the future - a liberal sci-fi show declins to show us a future in which China is the dominant nation and the west is demographically overwhelmed by invaders, just as the Roman Empire was.

GO TO WWW.YOUTUBE.COM and put in - Islamification of Paris CBN - a report from US Christian news network on the takeover of Paris . Sort of linked theme - The Mafia like state Russia runs its economy entirly on its extraction industries -oil and gas it is also aggressively persuing these in other lands. Iran ,soon really will have a genuine weapon of mass destruction -an atomic bomb. It does not need a sophisticated delivery system to threaten the West as through the straits of Homuz -think thats what its called- flows half the worlds oil - for the EU, US and China. Long before the collapse of the Soviet there where those in America who claimed, based on Biblical prophacy about Isreal, that one day Russia would do a deal with Persia and the other states then do a double cross and take them over.

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