Monday, 20 September 2010


Chloe One of its crap singing stars , is that not all of them -also does a turn as an escort girl -claiming she makes some 10k a week at 250 an hour maybe -the Mirror said 160, you can see the set up entrampent video-assuming it was not staged with her co-operation on The News Of The World web site.

Also allegadly Mata Hari retired - can't see that as she genuinly liked meeting clients and she was into the money . That to would have been an addiction, She invested in property but she would still want good money coming in. Never could be sure if she run other girls - yet a tracing agent used before she returned the money said in report did we know she was a madam.

Re so called Spy in the bag -they are now saying what was clear from the start. I remember some 15 years ago this twin engineed jet crash landed near a moterway in the Midlands , some passengers died. It was after an engine fire. The next day Brian said -its simple the pilot switched off the wrong engine- if you don't think so ask Geoff what he thinks happened. He said the same. It took over a year to establish thats exactly what happened.

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