Friday, 24 August 2012

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Muslims versus Alien Invaders- PLUS NEW LINK

Cockneys versus Zombies- set in the East End  .What Cockneys they are all but extinct or re-located to planet TOWIE.  Do they mean someone born within the sound of the morning prayer call from
 Bow Mosque?

Some scene  of Strippers Vs Werewolves filmed in Croydon

Next up -Muslims Versus Alien Invaders - The Islamic Republic Of Bradford is invaded by Aliens intent on  as a Bradford Imam puts it " Making our world their world."

The enemy within :

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

the olympic legacy

a new emphasis on fitness and sporting excellence. A wonderful sell Britain to the world . Reality check the best selling financial magazine Money Week said - Debt.

We have nothing usefuly for the 12 billion spend .

ps  A few weeks back the lead story on ITV/ BBC London news was jailing of woman for racist tube train rant. Even that its matter of urgency to trace this man   this story will be buried on london TV news.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012


See above link - this story will probably have a very sad outcome. People have gone round putting up posters everywhere 1000 s of them way past Croydon . Unless taken by car/van there is no way she has left New Addington without being seen - The tram is the main route out and all the extensive CTV will have been checked also someone would have remembered seeing her. 

How did the Mail know about the Grandmothers boyfriends colourful past -extensive google search /private detectives they use on stories or did the Police tell them. ?

37 year old ex-drug dealer Stuart Kelly , who did time for having a machete, originally had relationship with the girls mother,31 but is now in one with the girls 46 year old grandmother.

Uncle Sam and British Bulldog

 Screwing a successful British Business again like they did with BP and the oil spill caused by faulty US company part. Cameron sold our Harrier Jets to them at knock down price -should have put them on E-BAY for sale to highest bidder. Then they want us to be involved in their proxy war's against Syria and Iran

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

The Games boost Britain
Boost the  Debt -the Greeks are still paying for their 2004 Olympics

Boost the number of migrants entering under guise of visitors to the Games

Boost the wealth of the people involved in every aspect of the project

Boost the liberal elite propaganda

Boost the number of repressive laws -introduced for the Games -which will remain in place

This is amazing read this

Its actually a criminal offence to sale two Olympic tickets that you legitimately purchased to anyone else   . Only came across this when i googled up name of Emma West prosecutor  Frances Lockhart - ps see what has been posted about her on  reader comment on article Emma West new trial date.

as with VE day relief that its all over. 

A REALITY CHECK  - HOW WE WILL BECOME A THIRD WORLD COUNTRY VERY SOON this is from Economic writers Guardian & Daily Mail . Note in 2007 Fantasy Island they said Cameron was a Blair clone,