Wednesday, 1 August 2012

The Games boost Britain
Boost the  Debt -the Greeks are still paying for their 2004 Olympics

Boost the number of migrants entering under guise of visitors to the Games

Boost the wealth of the people involved in every aspect of the project

Boost the liberal elite propaganda

Boost the number of repressive laws -introduced for the Games -which will remain in place

This is amazing read this

Its actually a criminal offence to sale two Olympic tickets that you legitimately purchased to anyone else   . Only came across this when i googled up name of Emma West prosecutor  Frances Lockhart - ps see what has been posted about her on  reader comment on article Emma West new trial date.

as with VE day relief that its all over. 

A REALITY CHECK  - HOW WE WILL BECOME A THIRD WORLD COUNTRY VERY SOON this is from Economic writers Guardian & Daily Mail . Note in 2007 Fantasy Island they said Cameron was a Blair clone,

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