Saturday, 31 March 2012

Catch 22

Anyone in his position facing a murder trial -with such incriminating evidence - would be insane if they did not have their expensive lawyers use every legal trick to avoid extradition to South Africa and its dangerous jails. Therefore apply the Catch 22 clause - he is only pretending to have mental health issues to avoid extradition so logically he must be of sound mind and fit to stand trial

Choose a conspiracy theory ?

paid into a numbered Cayman Island account. You also win a trip to the five star Belgrade Honey Trap hotel to be seduced by an exotic lady. Then you disappear -without trace. All info on what your solution was and what happened to you being erased.

1912 Titanic sinks- Anxious Polar bear seeks news of the Iceberg

Key Titanic Question  has the number of book titles on the subject now exceeded the number of passengers who went down on the Titanic. .

With its sinking depicted in over 15 films and TV episodes has an actor /extra gone down more than once on the Titanic?

This year on TV -we have had reconstruction of the crews  keeping her a float as long as possible, a what happened to the bodies ? A new three part drama -what else ?  A cookery programme recreating last meals served for all classes, A what happened to the iceberg documentary?  What about Drama-Doc Titanic The Greatest Escapes -depicting the people who almost purchased a ticket - Upper class couple who planned to elope but changed their minds, poor man who just failed to raise enough for a steerage class ticket to emigrate  to the USA.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

The Big Issue - Helps Rumanians to gain UK housing benefits and buy property in Rumania

It used to be that most of the people you saw buying the Big Issue where Alchis and those in the care of the community -usually with a mongrel dog on a bit of string . Now a high percentage are Romanian gypsies . Under a loophole if the come her and register as Big Issue sellers they can register as self -employed and obtain housing and other benefits .

Nigerian Scam Artist -picture to come

I have meet several very nice genuine people from the geographic entity that is Nigeria. I use that term because as with the USSR and Yugoslavia its a (colonial) artificial construct not a real nation.

Unfortunately throughout Africa and the entire world it has a reputation for scams and corruption. How many -money held in account scams do you get in your junk mail?  The fake profiles of eligible males luring middle aged desperate women. The Fake front companies operating from goverment offices. The Medics and Lawyers with fake qualifications working in Europe. The list goes on :

Re the Emma West so called tram rant case - the person behind the protective custody lie scam - a false pretext to intimidate her into pleading guilty or face six months on remand - behind it was Croydon Crown Prosecution Lie lawyer Nigerian Nwanneka Kalunta Ike .  Nwanneka Kalunta Ika  nodoubt she helped Ena-May Eubanks fabricate her lying witness statement.

Of course the case against Emma West only came about because of the Youtube clip being viewed around the world . See how the CPS dealt with this case  of course they will not use the protective custody lie scam in this case. Emma West used the F-word but she did not use any racially abusive words eg the N-word.

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Saturday, 24 March 2012

Police Copter shoots hot stuff for reality TV show
Have these expensive police copters ever saved a single human life. Confiscate these wasteful toys whose prime function seems to be filming chase video clips for reality TV shows and give them to the air rescue services who do actually save lives.

Note : the Lego people engaged in adult activity are in the Lego 18-80 age range.

Friday, 23 March 2012

The Hunger Games - Dystopian action movie - or something more ?

See this link :
At the end of the 20th Century the BBC had a documentary on themes of the 21st -subsequently cut to eliminate reference to alien "Muslim " presence in France. Suggesting that the future might by like the walled cities of the Medieval world - a globalised world - with a rich elite. Fact 1% of Americans own 30% of all the wealth. Outside the cities would be the common people of the Global Village.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

United States to launch drone strikes against pirate bay

Having failed to sneak SOPA -Stop Online Piracy Act-    pass congress -which would have forced all Internet services to close down any site which contained a link to any other site which include a link to what turned out to be be an illegal file sharing site., new tactics are in place. As the say in action movies "This Time Its War" .

Piracy being seen as a threat to the extravagant lifestyles- drugs, escorts, private jets ect hidden in the budgets of blockbusters movies. People involved in running file sharing sites may also be subject to "rendition" and shipped to Guantanamo for interviewing .

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

smiling tiger -hidden dragon the Chinese proverb -beware the smile on the face of the tiger - as it is this is the year of the dragon. Our decedent west with its pseudo religion of liberalism - demographically collapsing by invaders within while its future enemies make their plans against

At some point in the future the Chinese will seek to gain control of the worlds prime real estate most owned or controlled by proxy by the West ,what in pre-PC days we meant the  white race. You get all those computer war games set in near future conflicts but its not PC to have one involving an assertive China

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Nations Top War Comic backs our boys to go on being pointless casualties in Afghanistan

 Commando war library is still published with a mix of reprints and new stories but none set in contemporary Iraq/Afghanistan .

Plus its hyping  its readers for conflict with Iran -Cameron's deal for Murdoch's support -keep our troops in Afghanistan . He claims that its in the strategic interests of  UK - meaning his party. We are also being told that Iran is trying to develop missiles capable of hitting London , just as they claimed Iraq was.

Based on readers online comments the vast majority of Daily Mail/Telegraph readers back our troops by wanting them out of these insane conflicts.    and

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

true meaning of marriage would be lost if extended to sheepshaggers

Is not that most people could not care less about what consenting adult mammals do in private but just as they may not be comfortable with gay men holding hands in a public park or having a kiss and cuddle on a park bench ,so they would not be ok with bloke and his sheep strolling round  at a country Fayre .

Is this on your facebook page as family member even if long ago ?

you can now find:  Pikaia Gracilen on  age and sex details are incorrect - yet everyone who has been, is on, our ever will be on facebook is descended from : Pikaia Gracilen.

Is it also to be found on trace our ancestors site