Wednesday, 21 March 2012

United States to launch drone strikes against pirate bay

Having failed to sneak SOPA -Stop Online Piracy Act-    pass congress -which would have forced all Internet services to close down any site which contained a link to any other site which include a link to what turned out to be be an illegal file sharing site., new tactics are in place. As the say in action movies "This Time Its War" .

Piracy being seen as a threat to the extravagant lifestyles- drugs, escorts, private jets ect hidden in the budgets of blockbusters movies. People involved in running file sharing sites may also be subject to "rendition" and shipped to Guantanamo for interviewing .

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Anonymous said...

OK you can easily find info on how to make a bomb out of avaliable stuff, detergents ect. But you still have all sorts of delivery problems and risk becoming an own goal. Are these targeted drones avaliable on e-bay because then you could send it right to the door of your chosen recipient.