Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Nigerian Scam Artist -picture to come


I have meet several very nice genuine people from the geographic entity that is Nigeria. I use that term because as with the USSR and Yugoslavia its a (colonial) artificial construct not a real nation.

Unfortunately throughout Africa and the entire world it has a reputation for scams and corruption. How many -money held in account scams do you get in your junk mail?  The fake profiles of eligible males luring middle aged desperate women. The Fake front companies operating from goverment offices. The Medics and Lawyers with fake qualifications working in Europe. The list goes on :

Re the Emma West so called tram rant case - the person behind the protective custody lie scam - a false pretext to intimidate her into pleading guilty or face six months on remand - behind it was Croydon Crown Prosecution Lie lawyer Nigerian Nwanneka Kalunta Ike .  Nwanneka Kalunta Ika  nodoubt she helped Ena-May Eubanks fabricate her lying witness statement.

Of course the case against Emma West only came about because of the Youtube clip being viewed around the world . See how the CPS dealt with this case www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2123111/  of course they will not use the protective custody lie scam in this case. Emma West used the F-word but she did not use any racially abusive words eg the N-word.


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Anonymous said...

Head Of CPS inspecterote reports in one year the Crown Prosecution Service wrongly dealt with 63,000 cases -7% of the total .Google up the cases of violent crime prosections failing due to the CPS. However they will pull out all the stops to make their politically motivated case against Emma West.

james masters said...

The CPS by using false reason to deny Emma West bail wanted to get her to plead guilty at the magistrates court rather than spend six months on remand awaiting trial. Magistrates can only impose six month sentence(three months jail time) but their was probably a deal between them and the CPS that they would find her case so serious they would then send it to Crown Court for longer sentence having tricked her into guilty plea.The CPS used this tactic recently against a guy in Lincolnshire who had posted crude anti-Islam posters in his window. He pleaded guilty at the magistrates court it was the sent to the Crown Court for twelve month sentence.