Wednesday, 30 March 2011

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see the articles by Paul Craig Roberts which explain the decline and fall of the american empire.

prisoner cell block hottie

compeare these pictures

story :topless models jailed for selling drugs -three babes banged up on coke sting

Why do reasonable attractive as Daily Sport pictures -girls get involved with such risks when they could just as easily have a financialy good life by finding a rich man. Of course thats assuming they really where dealing coke for gain and it was not some Tamworth police drug bust to manipulate their crime clear up figures.

"pretty women only ever starve in the movies." George Orwell.

Seems a pity the babes are out of circulation for a while -maybe the will enspire a home made DVD - cagged heat - modeless behind bars compleate with girl on girl action. The Dykes -inside especially the warders are going to love this.

Put the names Jenny Laird Ashley Massey Hannah Zebedde into google images / video

also jenny laird smoking in pink lingerie what was she smoking ? and ashley masseys pantyhouse tease

Sunday, 27 March 2011

smile on the face of the tiger

"Spies are the most important element for conquest." Sun Tzu The Art Of War

Inventor Sir James Dyson states that Chinesse studants at premier Universities in the UK are planting bugs in laptops to steal the latest reasearch.

This is the same nation which has run the biggest industrial espionage operation against the US ever. Even reverse engineering a stealth fighter from the one which crashed in Bosnia.

yet the uk is going to let a Chinesse phone company set up a system on the underground for the Oylmpics -and hacking into financial sectors phone eg Docklands.
Scaning for key words.

A few years back the history channel run docu on English Man Robert Fortune who smuggeled tea plants out of China -they had the monopoly . Now they plan on plundering all the science/inventions of the west and cultivating them in China.

See previous postings here on China/Fu Manchu


Thursday, 24 March 2011

hollywood cartoon star dies

Movie Ikon Betty Boop is no more -read pages and pages of false tributes
In later years, once worlds most desirable women, Betty suffered ill health due to poor quality TV animation.

Sunday, 20 March 2011


One differeance maybe between the UK and the US.
The Tchenquiz brothers, Iranian born Jews, whose companies where key players in the Icelandic banking scam are being probed. What about the ones involved with looting RSB see previous post.Over 100 of its staff have just awarded themself 1 million bonus each.
In the US the role of the financial investigators seems somewhat differante. Too many people in US goverment where involved with Enron, World Com , the sub prime -scam and Lehman brothers ect.
The US financial investigators start off like CSI- Crime Scene Investigation -carefully examining the financial corpse. Then switch to CSC-Crime Scene Clear-up -mode and carefully eliminate all evidence traces.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

The reason why -is there a good one?

lord Palmerston .

read this article in the

by Andrew Green a former British ambassador and founder of migrantwatch .
lets think about this Brit Government's this one the last one do nothing to stop the demographic deconstruction of England yet the go to war again and again - there is nothing wrong with going to war if there is financial advantage to the UKs strategic interests. If its'only' about oil that's fine , but why is it that Germany,Brazil ect do not keep getting involved.

Whats the potential gain or loss for the UK in either using or not using military force. That should be the only issue. How do we know thats the opponents of Gaddafi ect do not include Islamic extremists \?

Why not think that the might be advantage to us for these various Arab despots to stay in power, they buy stuff from us , the rich elite keep some of their loot in London.

Democracy -that might mean votes for the Muslim Brotherhood, or low wage Egyptians competing against us, or poor asylum seekers heading for the shores of Dover. At least Libya 'mad dog' was blocking Africans from marching into Europe in search of the promised land as depicted in Nuts /FHM /GQ and other such magazines.

My brother took his daughters to Egypt a few years back , like everyone else they said it was swarming with people. By accounts there are few real Egyptians but some 80 -90 million Arabs,many inbreed in an Egypt that looks like a plague of locusts have devoured every green thing.There was once an unusually honest travel show that showed the people warehouse tower blocks which can be seen when the cameras are pointed in one direction from the Great Pyramids.

As for Godzilla hammering Japan -the big threat to us is the anti-nuclear lobby exploit it . The association of British engineers says we need to build nuclear power plants fast or stock up on candles. Yet the insane windmill project continues. BBC2 has docu on how some evil property developer has a mass windmill project in a Devon beauty spot. When i see the words property developer i think where is Robespierre when we need him.