Wednesday, 30 March 2011

prisoner cell block hottie

compeare these pictures

story :topless models jailed for selling drugs -three babes banged up on coke sting

Why do reasonable attractive as Daily Sport pictures -girls get involved with such risks when they could just as easily have a financialy good life by finding a rich man. Of course thats assuming they really where dealing coke for gain and it was not some Tamworth police drug bust to manipulate their crime clear up figures.

"pretty women only ever starve in the movies." George Orwell.

Seems a pity the babes are out of circulation for a while -maybe the will enspire a home made DVD - cagged heat - modeless behind bars compleate with girl on girl action. The Dykes -inside especially the warders are going to love this.

Put the names Jenny Laird Ashley Massey Hannah Zebedde into google images / video

also jenny laird smoking in pink lingerie what was she smoking ? and ashley masseys pantyhouse tease

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