Sunday, 27 March 2011

smile on the face of the tiger

"Spies are the most important element for conquest." Sun Tzu The Art Of War

Inventor Sir James Dyson states that Chinesse studants at premier Universities in the UK are planting bugs in laptops to steal the latest reasearch.

This is the same nation which has run the biggest industrial espionage operation against the US ever. Even reverse engineering a stealth fighter from the one which crashed in Bosnia.

yet the uk is going to let a Chinesse phone company set up a system on the underground for the Oylmpics -and hacking into financial sectors phone eg Docklands.
Scaning for key words.

A few years back the history channel run docu on English Man Robert Fortune who smuggeled tea plants out of China -they had the monopoly . Now they plan on plundering all the science/inventions of the west and cultivating them in China.

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