Saturday, 28 August 2010

femme fatale -psychology profile

Hot Russian Babe and Femme Fatale Anna Chapman has updated her facebook page with some new pics, meantime the spy in the holdall bag mystery continues .

Me at some time i am going to write up at some point a psychology profile on the lady i refer to for discretion as Mata Hari . As an ex-who contacted my now deleteted web site said even when he knew her around 2001 she was not emotionaly stable. I never expected her so called deal would be motivated by such malice and deceit. Yet there was a slight sense of exiting danger about this seductive lady.
Later all the dark stuff she falsly projected on to me. She was into erotic hand strangulation during sex, never encountered this before. Also wanted to force my head under the bath water while under the influence of poppers. She said that the love of her life , a talented musician son of an 1980s popstar got her into this stuff and she had once rendered him unconcious in the bath.


i sort of have an idea why she wanted to so she said meet murderers , hence her involvement with a famous but innocent supspect also her interest in so called torture porn -Saw , Hostel and movies of psychological and physical revenge revenge such as Hard Candy and the recent extreme French movies Martyrs and 7 Days -as a way of dealing with her own issues through extremes. Check readers thread for sadists re 7 days -2010 film on mentions beheading videos ect.

Coming in my next post - The Significiance of Annimals you find squashed in the road.

Friday, 27 August 2010

put the old bag in the bin

and superglue it shut.

check out this video

the real conspiracy

Re the so called spy in the bag - he was not a spy but a cryptographer. Guess it sounds better to call him a spy - just as three years back they renamed the serial killer -first called the Ipwich Ripper -the Suffolk Strangler which was accurate to his modas operandi and sounded better.

Mail readers comments - all that conspiracy stuff -when its obvious what happend - he was killed by a male sex partner.

The real conspiracy is not did the Rosswell Space Alians assassinate Diana , or crap where the luner landings took place in a TV studio, any one but the people who said they did it toppled the badly constructed twin towers.

Some 16 years ago Channel 4 -in a season on TV censorship- screening lots of previously banned stuff had a dissenting programme called Censorship A Liberal Conspiracy . Its theme that the majority if not all people in the TV and other Media subscribed to a set of liberal values. Consequently out of their own collective beliefs things which did not fit would be filtered out or moderated to hide anything which conflicted with this liberal consensus. Say alternative views on the death penalty, abortion, homosexuality, mass immigration.
That England has become the most densly populated country in the EU and people per square mile one of the most in the entire world -you would think it would be worth at least one tv programe - maybe on the history or science strand.

In fact the BBC aka Ministry Of Truth - do what they can to surpress this, when there was a discussion on water shortages an expert on the BBC said people pressure was a key factor. My sister who saw this said at first it was on the BBC website follow up -then this bit was deleated.


Thursday, 26 August 2010

conspiracy theory update

Re the Spy murdered in the MI6 Vauxhall flat. Wish i had posted this yesterday. A third of posters on story on website seem to think its some spy conspiracy. Even some linking it to Kelly case. Or suggesting agents , MI6 or whatever eliminated this guy. As in movie Whistleblower given away as DVD in Mail.

The first thing i thought yesterday - before recent revelations Sun claims he was a transvestite- based on existing info-such as no mention of girlfriends ect . This is most probably a gay man killed by a dominate partner in some sex game gone wrong. I am sure this will be very close to the truth.

Repeat this a lot of people think our secret services terminate with extreme prejudice against all evidence - because of spy fiction anything from Ian Fleming to the BBC Spooks - so why did they not eliminate GCHQ Soviet spy and pedeo Geoffrey Prime ect.

Anyway this guy was only a spy if he was passing on information from his work to others. He was by all accounts involved in electronic survalliance run from the uk of overseas places. Was Alan Turing a spy?

Wednesday, 18 August 2010


Come on dare you go to and read this -its one of the best explanations for the euro crisis. It was often suggested that the US invaded Iraq because Saddam said he would sell oil in Euros not dollars.

The US has a big Christian Fundamentalist movement -which can not always explain why the US is not featured in what they call endtime prophecies . When EU , Russia , Iran , China and so on are maybe because the US is going to fall like the Roman Republic Very soon and cease to be a major globel player.

Green for Danger

"Let them eat Fairtrade Organic cake." Marie Antoinette

According to reports Food prices have risen over 30% in the last couple of years. Something most of us have noticed. Factors include the loss of value of the pound which has effectively been devalued by some 20 per cent, rising demand from Oriontal Asia and hedge fund and future stocks Traders .

The liberal elite untouched by this have allowed millions of people to invade this small island. Already one of the most densly populated places on the planet -even at the false underestimated uk population figures. Oh yeah we need all the migrants to keep the housing market moving and the Somalians to do the muggings others don't want to do. So we will have to also import more energy , more food for the people we have imported.

What of the Greens - I think its probably the only political movement from the 19th Century onwards to be entirly drawn from the well off and ultra rich.Whose policies would actually make the poor well poorer still. Think what its motivating philosophy is -that we should adjust our lives and pay more -much more for food and energy. Not of course an inconveniant truth for Al Gore - or Defender Of faiths Prince Charles. Let the poor pay more or go without is the true creed of the greens.

Monday, 16 August 2010

conspiracy theory

RE the alleged assassination of Dr David Kelly - See readers comments also articles on line The Independent. I would still bet on suicide. Of course when there are leading Doctors and Pathologists questioning the official verdict i feel like one of those Jurious in a shaking baby case being bambozalled by very intelligent expert witnesses in the field.

Its always seemed significant that Andrew Gilligan -of the original sexed up Iraq dossier - source Dr Kelly -does not think he was murdered .

Nobody has really come up with any plausiable motive - It was to late to silence him -at that stage who had any motive. People are either killed to shut them up or as a warning to others. The secret he had was that the Goverment was lying about what Iraq had. Its perfectly clear that Kelly was very distressed about it all and had clear motive for killing himself.

At the time i said to people if they had wanted to silence him they would have induced a heart attack easy for professional assassins rather than a complex suicide full of implausabilities. But much better still i said at the time -they would simple have had him arrested on some fake official secrets act charge and then found planted child pornography on his computer. This being to The average moron the modern equvialent of a 16th Centuary witchcraft denuanciation - he would have both been effectivly discredited and destroyed. Every one i said that to agreed.

Mossad / KGB as now the FBU do kill to silence and as a warning . Unfortunatly as a fan of spy fiction it would be sexy to believe that MI6 / MI5 did dispose of people . On their web site eg they deny this ok they would. But i think its significent over the decades none of the people who worked for them then betrayed their secrets ever seemed to think they would be killed. From the Communist so called Cambridge spies of thev 1950s to more recent cases such as ex-M15 David Shayler and MI6 -Richard Thomlinson see wikpedia. They published secret material on the Internet .

The real conspiracy over Iraq is not really one at all. Its simple and the best explination which fits the facts. At the time both i and Brian , my sister ect all agreed about it. The reason why the uk went to war against Iraq.

In Simon Schama's TV series The History Of Britainn -On the English Protestant Refmoration "Serious historians are supposed to dismiss all the stuff about Henry v111 and Ann Boleyn as so much romantic tosh. An examing all the social and economic forces but when you look at it all closely it really did all come down to Henry wanting Ann Boleyn ."

Britain going to war against Iraq -it was not about any British interest say oil concessions for BP. The Goverment by its mass immmigration as policy had no concern at all about England. It all came down to PM Tony Blair correctly forseeing that he would be rewarded by the Americans for a British commitment . Which he was - having as official record collected over £15 million that we know about from the US.

ADDITION -re inducing fatal cardic demise -The Sun 16/08 has new story on the complex tragic case where mother Francis Inglis inected lethel dose heroin into her permantly brain damaged son. Would she not have been smarter to inject an air bubble into a vain in his nostril, it would most probably have caused a fatal embolism. Most likely undetected it would have been put down as heart failure.

Saturday, 14 August 2010

glasnost -amended

Note this post will be edited /deleted if i ever let them know of this blog.

Earlier this year i was talking with a young Russian guy-25- well actually from the Ukraine but in the UK on Lithuanian passport. He was married with young son, said his Russian wife had been able to get in US and she said the American girls where at it all the time He wanted to get out of London,as too many blacks and live in somewhere like Colchester where his boss was based. Saving Private Ryan was on TV that night and he said his mother could not watch films like that because she had seen so many horrific things for real when she was a Medic with Soviet special forces unit -a semi death squad- in Afhanistan. Both she and his father -now divourced and remarried-had become alcaholics but had been cured by monthly injections -never heard or read of this treatment .

Note -if you want to watch a good movie on the subject watch top boxoffice Russian movie 9th Company -often on filmfour, it its set during time when Russians where the Baddies and Taliban the freedom fighters in movies such as Rambo 3 and 007 -The Living Daylights.

My son -David is friends with Solovak kid in same street. The family of six kids -Mother from Slovak republic and Russian born Father live it seems entirly at momment on social & housing. Of the boys - one is a toddler, one Davids age and one about 17 who has been to America and studies movies and their construction intensly as has ideas about being an actor or director.
The three daughters - one is nine and into boyband stuff such as The Wanted, the other who claims to be seventeen , She said that she has "anger managment problems", which is obvious,in fact she is aggressive to the point of being unbalanced.

" She herself is average looking , no chest and 5ft 2in. The oldest sister 19 came down from Leeds the other day the other kids joke about her gender. Calling her a tomboy - no idea as to her sexual makeup.

ps for the entertainment of its readers 14/08 The Sun front page story is about how a rich but sacked city banker hired two escorts from for a mock hanging, only he really topped himself in what a police spokesman has called -suicide by hooker.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010


will not be posting for a short time.

found an old card might be usefull for magic.

revised my wanted dvd list please refer back to this posting.

cool site so smart read

also cool amazing ice cream in central london but very,very expensive.

ps the US Federal Reserve -a private bank which controls the US economy is doing some more quantive easing -thats printing billions of extra dollars

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

The right decision

Sion Jenkins in the Billy Joe Jenkins murder case has been refused compensation as was Barry George - I think too that they where both guilty. Or that Scotish verdict not proven

See readers comments

Jenkins used to beat his own wife and children - who do not want to know him and moved to Tasmania. Also other stuff which was not admissiable. His own version never made sense.

As for George - ex-most wanted John McVicker's book on the Dando murder -Dead On Time- makes a very convincing case against him.

Colin Stagg mentioned in readers postings was entitled to compensation. Neither Brian or me believed it from the start. The Police originally came across him by chance while investigating his brother on another issue. They deluded themselves on the basis of a so called criminal profiler - a sinister nutcase called Britian who had previously advised on a non -existant satanic abuse investigation.

PS whats the differance between a Dando and a Dodo?

Ones a dead bird which used to hang around tropical islands. The others a dodo.

Monday, 9 August 2010

what is the difference between Abbey Clancey and an Escort girl

In my view only the cost between buying and renting. Does anybody in their right mind think that this stunning model would be with the not all that attractive footballer Peter Crouch - as the £800 a night hooker described him- if he was not a mega rich footballer. Or that 10 years younger model if Crisp salesman Gary Lineker was just a provincial bank manager and not a mega rich footballer.

As the editor of the erotic review said in defence of TV series Secret Diary Of An Escort Girl -whats the difference between it and Footballers Wives.?

As to my previous postings -Fu Manchu / Tilting At Windmills read Peter Hitchens - Article sack Hulne -

He says that China is buying up metals and other strategic stuff. Such as energy. We need to prepare for an imminent Beijing dominated world - instead like fools we are not urgently building Nuclear power plants.

Saturday, 7 August 2010

additions to previous post

Re the Angelina Jolie biography which will not be published in UK due to our libel laws. The authors account in the Sunday Times for legal reasons make no mention that one of the reasons is it details bisexual Angelinas lesbian relation ship with US born Japanese model Jenny Shimizu - who also had relationships with David Beckham ex-mistress Rebbeca Loos and Maddonna -who flew her around the world for intimcy. Yet The Sunday Times publishers The Sun carried the story. see also wikpedia

Re Mata Hari - she never got it -but that she asked for perfume as an act of malice after collecting all that money from someone who trusted her -made me so determined that she would end up returning it .

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Mata Hari -scent of deception

What i still do not know -

The Mati Hari i knew , when she collected in the money then asked for the Gucci by Gucci. Was it:

1 That at that point she intended on keeping to her deal -but then renaged ?

2 It was just a belated birthday gift -to suggest false date?

3 Motivated entirley my malice

smart snails

I have over 60 sci-fi DVD movies about Deadly Bugs -from Ants to Slugs , Roaches and Arachnids but cant think of any featuring mutant or monster snails.

All I know about Snails is that they seem to come out after thunderstorms and you find edible ones with some sort of green garloc stuff in Lidels.

On BBC news August 2nd was an intreguing snail item. A women garderner had removed all the snails shw found in her Garden but not wanting to harm them she gathered them all up and moved them to some waste ground. She was convinced the same snails had then returned to her garden. So she marked their shells with nail varnish and moved them on.Sure enough the same snails returned. Biologists and entemologists where amazed it seems that common garden snails have some sort of homing feature. The BBC science web site has invited viewers to see if they can duplicate the experiment.

Guess we will have Attebborough ect telling us how, by means we do not yet know how, evolution has superably equiped snails to....

Snails so we are told where around before Dinosaurs- who all died out 40 million years ago -only dino DNA , which can only last thousands of years has been found. Snails are found in the fossil record-identified as such because they are the same as the ones around today. What of course is not found is whatever snails where before they evolved into snails or any sequence of snails evolving from some other thing.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

its eugenics, stupid

Looking at pictures of mourners at Moats funeral interesting how so many of the alpha-thug males in their 30s and 40s are either bald or shaven headed. So, has more testerone resulted in more hair loss or is done for that cool intimidation look. lets guess what types of dogs these specific types have.
When I lived in Boston,the one in England, there where all these maga fat woman waddaling about pushing prams. I mean fat as in well over 16stone. Most looked borderline retarded.According to a news item a team at Yale University have discovered that many gianourmose peoples brains are slower at processing the information that when eating a meal they are full up. Why not think their brains are just slow at processing information period.
Ok its just generalisations , some supersize people are super smart. Here is the best version i read of how generalisations can be right but not always fit: Intelligent people are more liable to be interested in classic literature than the general population. Engineers are more intelligent than the general population but are less interested in classic literature than the general population.

UPDATES -I think my survalliance project is going to work and will get pictures wanted. Re -Facebook i think we can use that Ron Bowers file and narrow down fields to get e-mails of fan groupings and specific countries i.e Germany fans.

Monday, 2 August 2010

Enigmatic Lady - secrets & lies

Enigmatic Angelina August 1st Sunday Times -The real Angelina Jolie Biographer Andrew Morton unravels her secrets .

Only he does not -at the end of the long article he tells us why. Morton who wrote the famous biog of Diana, who secretly co-operated with it, revels that if a true biog of the worlds top earning actress, since the demise of Diana, she would sue in the UK courts. She and Brad only recently collected over NoW marriage prob story.

Morton also revels that his book about Tom Cruise and scientology can not be published in the UK.

Over a decade ago Cruising Tom -get the name- and then wife Nicola Kidmann collected some 1 million from the Daily Express over a story. They where not named in the article which was about a short gay actor and his bisexual taller wife.

The UK libel laws are so repressive and dreconian that libel tourists from all over the world come and sue in the UK courts if just a few copies of an offending text appear in the UK. The US is passing legislation to protect its citizens from UK court libel claims.

We never got to read the stuff about Maddonna, her terminations and violent relationships with men. Nor much of the wierd stuff about Angelina -her incestous relationship with her brother, drugs, S&M, self harming or suicide attempts - She once hired a contract killer to despatch her at a time unkowen to her. But cancelled. A situation along those lines has featured in TV movies -only with the " victim" being unable to cancel.