Friday, 27 August 2010

the real conspiracy

Re the so called spy in the bag - he was not a spy but a cryptographer. Guess it sounds better to call him a spy - just as three years back they renamed the serial killer -first called the Ipwich Ripper -the Suffolk Strangler which was accurate to his modas operandi and sounded better.

Mail readers comments - all that conspiracy stuff -when its obvious what happend - he was killed by a male sex partner.

The real conspiracy is not did the Rosswell Space Alians assassinate Diana , or crap where the luner landings took place in a TV studio, any one but the people who said they did it toppled the badly constructed twin towers.

Some 16 years ago Channel 4 -in a season on TV censorship- screening lots of previously banned stuff had a dissenting programme called Censorship A Liberal Conspiracy . Its theme that the majority if not all people in the TV and other Media subscribed to a set of liberal values. Consequently out of their own collective beliefs things which did not fit would be filtered out or moderated to hide anything which conflicted with this liberal consensus. Say alternative views on the death penalty, abortion, homosexuality, mass immigration.
That England has become the most densly populated country in the EU and people per square mile one of the most in the entire world -you would think it would be worth at least one tv programe - maybe on the history or science strand.

In fact the BBC aka Ministry Of Truth - do what they can to surpress this, when there was a discussion on water shortages an expert on the BBC said people pressure was a key factor. My sister who saw this said at first it was on the BBC website follow up -then this bit was deleated.


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