Tuesday, 10 August 2010

The right decision

Sion Jenkins in the Billy Joe Jenkins murder case has been refused compensation as was Barry George - I think too that they where both guilty. Or that Scotish verdict not proven

See readers comments www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1301707/

Jenkins used to beat his own wife and children - who do not want to know him and moved to Tasmania. Also other stuff which was not admissiable. His own version never made sense.

As for George - ex-most wanted John McVicker's book on the Dando murder -Dead On Time- makes a very convincing case against him.

Colin Stagg mentioned in readers postings was entitled to compensation. Neither Brian or me believed it from the start. The Police originally came across him by chance while investigating his brother on another issue. They deluded themselves on the basis of a so called criminal profiler - a sinister nutcase called Britian who had previously advised on a non -existant satanic abuse investigation.

PS whats the differance between a Dando and a Dodo?

Ones a dead bird which used to hang around tropical islands. The others a dodo.

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Anonymous said...

Jenkins case seem much like to so called innoccent Stephen Dowling case.

Both are at the scene of the crime only minutes later with the murder weapon and later claimed that a mysterious stranger did it who run off- whom no one set eyes on.