Monday, 16 August 2010

conspiracy theory

RE the alleged assassination of Dr David Kelly - See readers comments also articles on line The Independent. I would still bet on suicide. Of course when there are leading Doctors and Pathologists questioning the official verdict i feel like one of those Jurious in a shaking baby case being bambozalled by very intelligent expert witnesses in the field.

Its always seemed significant that Andrew Gilligan -of the original sexed up Iraq dossier - source Dr Kelly -does not think he was murdered .

Nobody has really come up with any plausiable motive - It was to late to silence him -at that stage who had any motive. People are either killed to shut them up or as a warning to others. The secret he had was that the Goverment was lying about what Iraq had. Its perfectly clear that Kelly was very distressed about it all and had clear motive for killing himself.

At the time i said to people if they had wanted to silence him they would have induced a heart attack easy for professional assassins rather than a complex suicide full of implausabilities. But much better still i said at the time -they would simple have had him arrested on some fake official secrets act charge and then found planted child pornography on his computer. This being to The average moron the modern equvialent of a 16th Centuary witchcraft denuanciation - he would have both been effectivly discredited and destroyed. Every one i said that to agreed.

Mossad / KGB as now the FBU do kill to silence and as a warning . Unfortunatly as a fan of spy fiction it would be sexy to believe that MI6 / MI5 did dispose of people . On their web site eg they deny this ok they would. But i think its significent over the decades none of the people who worked for them then betrayed their secrets ever seemed to think they would be killed. From the Communist so called Cambridge spies of thev 1950s to more recent cases such as ex-M15 David Shayler and MI6 -Richard Thomlinson see wikpedia. They published secret material on the Internet .

The real conspiracy over Iraq is not really one at all. Its simple and the best explination which fits the facts. At the time both i and Brian , my sister ect all agreed about it. The reason why the uk went to war against Iraq.

In Simon Schama's TV series The History Of Britainn -On the English Protestant Refmoration "Serious historians are supposed to dismiss all the stuff about Henry v111 and Ann Boleyn as so much romantic tosh. An examing all the social and economic forces but when you look at it all closely it really did all come down to Henry wanting Ann Boleyn ."

Britain going to war against Iraq -it was not about any British interest say oil concessions for BP. The Goverment by its mass immmigration as policy had no concern at all about England. It all came down to PM Tony Blair correctly forseeing that he would be rewarded by the Americans for a British commitment . Which he was - having as official record collected over £15 million that we know about from the US.

ADDITION -re inducing fatal cardic demise -The Sun 16/08 has new story on the complex tragic case where mother Francis Inglis inected lethel dose heroin into her permantly brain damaged son. Would she not have been smarter to inject an air bubble into a vain in his nostril, it would most probably have caused a fatal embolism. Most likely undetected it would have been put down as heart failure.

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