Thursday, 26 August 2010

conspiracy theory update

Re the Spy murdered in the MI6 Vauxhall flat. Wish i had posted this yesterday. A third of posters on story on website seem to think its some spy conspiracy. Even some linking it to Kelly case. Or suggesting agents , MI6 or whatever eliminated this guy. As in movie Whistleblower given away as DVD in Mail.

The first thing i thought yesterday - before recent revelations Sun claims he was a transvestite- based on existing info-such as no mention of girlfriends ect . This is most probably a gay man killed by a dominate partner in some sex game gone wrong. I am sure this will be very close to the truth.

Repeat this a lot of people think our secret services terminate with extreme prejudice against all evidence - because of spy fiction anything from Ian Fleming to the BBC Spooks - so why did they not eliminate GCHQ Soviet spy and pedeo Geoffrey Prime ect.

Anyway this guy was only a spy if he was passing on information from his work to others. He was by all accounts involved in electronic survalliance run from the uk of overseas places. Was Alan Turing a spy?

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