Thursday, 5 August 2010

smart snails

I have over 60 sci-fi DVD movies about Deadly Bugs -from Ants to Slugs , Roaches and Arachnids but cant think of any featuring mutant or monster snails.

All I know about Snails is that they seem to come out after thunderstorms and you find edible ones with some sort of green garloc stuff in Lidels.

On BBC news August 2nd was an intreguing snail item. A women garderner had removed all the snails shw found in her Garden but not wanting to harm them she gathered them all up and moved them to some waste ground. She was convinced the same snails had then returned to her garden. So she marked their shells with nail varnish and moved them on.Sure enough the same snails returned. Biologists and entemologists where amazed it seems that common garden snails have some sort of homing feature. The BBC science web site has invited viewers to see if they can duplicate the experiment.

Guess we will have Attebborough ect telling us how, by means we do not yet know how, evolution has superably equiped snails to....

Snails so we are told where around before Dinosaurs- who all died out 40 million years ago -only dino DNA , which can only last thousands of years has been found. Snails are found in the fossil record-identified as such because they are the same as the ones around today. What of course is not found is whatever snails where before they evolved into snails or any sequence of snails evolving from some other thing.

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