Saturday, 14 August 2010

glasnost -amended

Note this post will be edited /deleted if i ever let them know of this blog.

Earlier this year i was talking with a young Russian guy-25- well actually from the Ukraine but in the UK on Lithuanian passport. He was married with young son, said his Russian wife had been able to get in US and she said the American girls where at it all the time He wanted to get out of London,as too many blacks and live in somewhere like Colchester where his boss was based. Saving Private Ryan was on TV that night and he said his mother could not watch films like that because she had seen so many horrific things for real when she was a Medic with Soviet special forces unit -a semi death squad- in Afhanistan. Both she and his father -now divourced and remarried-had become alcaholics but had been cured by monthly injections -never heard or read of this treatment .

Note -if you want to watch a good movie on the subject watch top boxoffice Russian movie 9th Company -often on filmfour, it its set during time when Russians where the Baddies and Taliban the freedom fighters in movies such as Rambo 3 and 007 -The Living Daylights.

My son -David is friends with Solovak kid in same street. The family of six kids -Mother from Slovak republic and Russian born Father live it seems entirly at momment on social & housing. Of the boys - one is a toddler, one Davids age and one about 17 who has been to America and studies movies and their construction intensly as has ideas about being an actor or director.
The three daughters - one is nine and into boyband stuff such as The Wanted, the other who claims to be seventeen , She said that she has "anger managment problems", which is obvious,in fact she is aggressive to the point of being unbalanced.

" She herself is average looking , no chest and 5ft 2in. The oldest sister 19 came down from Leeds the other day the other kids joke about her gender. Calling her a tomboy - no idea as to her sexual makeup.

ps for the entertainment of its readers 14/08 The Sun front page story is about how a rich but sacked city banker hired two escorts from for a mock hanging, only he really topped himself in what a police spokesman has called -suicide by hooker.

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