Monday, 9 August 2010

what is the difference between Abbey Clancey and an Escort girl

In my view only the cost between buying and renting. Does anybody in their right mind think that this stunning model would be with the not all that attractive footballer Peter Crouch - as the £800 a night hooker described him- if he was not a mega rich footballer. Or that 10 years younger model if Crisp salesman Gary Lineker was just a provincial bank manager and not a mega rich footballer.

As the editor of the erotic review said in defence of TV series Secret Diary Of An Escort Girl -whats the difference between it and Footballers Wives.?

As to my previous postings -Fu Manchu / Tilting At Windmills read Peter Hitchens - Article sack Hulne -

He says that China is buying up metals and other strategic stuff. Such as energy. We need to prepare for an imminent Beijing dominated world - instead like fools we are not urgently building Nuclear power plants.

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