Saturday, 17 July 2010

enigma of mata hari

For the real women sort of- check out wikpedia. But why let facts get in the way of the myth of the ultimate spy seducteress, of exotic eastern sexual techniques, whom men go out of their senses for and betray their secrets. The fantasy persona was mainly created by the 1931 movie. I avoided buying it in HMV- the Garbo collection set sale at £8 - as checking its the later cut US re-release. Deleating the pre-code opening an erotic, with nudity, sinous dance by Mata Hari around a shimmering Shiva statue.
Also cut in the US is the euro 1985 film starring Sylvia Kristel , which has authentic period detail but has been shorn of its verious sex and orgy scenes.
End note the episode Mata Hari from TVs Young Indiana Jones was pretty hot for US TV . In 1917 in reality she was well past her prime. A fantasisit who had created her own legend.

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Anonymous said...

When she was about to face the French firing squad the captain in charge said " Madame the firing squad all have a last request."