Friday, 16 July 2010

instant Pain Ray - avaliable on e-bay?

The US has just shipped its pain ray to Afghanistan - its sort of like a large micro wave mounted on an armoured truck. Once it hits a rioting crowd the ray heats the water and fat molecules in their skin- a two second zap can heat the skin to 54c. Creating the sensation of burning all over or melting in the heat. Yet its none lethal and does no physical damage. It transmits a beam of millmetre waves- highest radio frequency band- which heats the water and fat molecules in the skin. That ceases when the targets run out of its way or its turned off.

The ray penetrates less then 0.04 of the targets skin layer, doing no demage to deeper located nerve endings or blood vessals. Instant pain but no physical damage. The uk goverment should have used this in Belfast last week -but probably risk of compansation claims from those Sub-Human rights scaming lawers.

American action shows such as The Unit, 24 and so on frequently depict interrogation scenes using electrical stuff, high voltage no ampage or veriants on waterboarding . Both used in real life because they cause extreme effects on the subject without leaving any embarresing evidence of torture.

ps two and a half million Muslims are "threatening" to quit Facebook unless 4 pages denouncing Facebook are taken down . This is a continuation of when some people did a draw Mohamed page . Could we make changes to our country which would have 2.5 million Muslims "threaten" to leave.

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read the debat on
Is liberalism or Islam the greater threat ?