Saturday, 3 July 2010

thought police

Story Daily Mail 3 july special report - A black councillor called an Asian one a Coconut. US Boxing promoter Don King once used this term about Frank Bruno. Four officers from the so called hate crimes unit investigate. What these units really have become is Secret Police units. The true purpose of these cases say when some guy in rural England gets investigated for a minor public comment on ayslum seekers is this- its to send out a message to the public at large to be very carefull what they say about certain PC subjects. As along with CTV -Big Brother really is watching you -is that you do not know who is spying on you, so watch what you say in public. The legacy of New labour the criminalisation of free speech. What is the difference between these thought police and the NKVD/KGB.

also read the story about the insane failure to support a steel factory vital in the building of nuclear power plants. Which if we do not get soon you will be reading the internet by candle light.

Like this item in Telegraph by Simon Heffer -abriviated - "Russian spy totty would look good in a Bond film. Russia is a Mafia state run by gangsters, anyway perhaps this new tension will make for a better class of James Bond film. Through preferably without representations of Valdamir Putin stripped to the waist and branishing a sub-machine gun in one of those homoerotic poses he enjoys so much. Because whatever else he may be-the list is unsavoury- top international totty he isnt."

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