Thursday, 15 July 2010

daily mail /facebook

The Daily Mail has front page denouncing Facebook over the Moat tribute page. Yes its not very nice that a vicious thug who has blinded a decent police officer has some 30,000 plus fans -some expressing the view that he was right to try and kill "his cheating ex" or pity he had not killed a few policemen. However the majority of readers comments on th Mail Web site say , i think rightly that so long as their is nothing illegal then its free speech. However unpleasnt we might find these people and their adulation of this thug. Moreover it tells the rest of us just how many unpleasent retards live among us.

However would it also be ok to have a Facebook page calling for a stop to Somalians entering the UK. ? It could compare them with people from Ghana - who are generally lawabidding and have a work ethic. It could state the facts - list the numerous violent incidents involving Somalians -including Police killings , terrorist acts, rapes ect. Also that 50% - along with the other three largest UK Muslim groups are unemployed. So we import more when the ones here will double their numbers by birth rates.

Or would this be something not allowed on Facebook - if so why not.

Greece -considers Albanians include undesirables - not knowing which ones - it makes an effort to keep them all out.

Greek Playboy & Journalist Taki " Cherie Blair, one of the ugliest women i have meet , they would not even employe her in an Albanian Bordello ."

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