Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Willy Whopper

Geoff - some are found on google videos but not one i want - all the Willy Whopper toons, which are in the public domain , are avaliable on an amazon.com download service, these items seem to be free . Only catch its only avaliable in the States. Had this before when New York Times blocked uk readers from accessing story on how the chemical in drinks Walter Muhameds had the intention but lacked the smarts to blow in- flight hole in plane. At the time Labour -ex-communist party member -Home secretery Reid hyped the threat to divert attention from Labours failure to deport forign criminals after serving their sentence.

The US sites know when its coming from a UK server. Maybe i can access it via proxy server which i used to register and buy stuff from sell.com which restricts to US and Canada .
Otherwise will have to get someone in US to download to disc .

Gangster film company Warners also have some stuff avaliable for paid download but again restricted to US, that i want eg The post Weismuller Tarzan films.

On the subject of blocking Pakistan was recently in the news for blocking via its servers access to Facebook and other sites over a draw a cartoon of Mohamed site some people set up on facebook.

ok -this is not a willy whopper- on the US Fox news site is a story based on the search records of google which shows which country has the most searches for pornography - its Pakistan - moreover more people are searching there for child sex material then anywhere else. It also has more searchs , and the highest percentage of sex porn searches , for animal sex. As in searching for sex with horses, human sex with dogs -an unlean animal in the Koran.

Still we discover something new everyday- praise be to Allah.

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