Thursday, 8 July 2010

does this refer to blair?

Among the best things on the daily mail and telegraph websites are the verious , not to moderated readers comments. You ofeten get people saying the Blair and Brown should be charged with treason.

in Metro 8th July -the free paper- metro mail on Queens role is letter " if we replaced the Queen with some glassy eyed, dullered ex-hippy sitting smugley in a president's office and greeting foreign dignitaries with limp-wristed handshakes we would still have to fund the palaces ect, I know which i would prefer."

When i looked at Garys absolute blog it seemed so banal sort of a modern Diary Of A Nobody . At least if often misspelt i have original thoughts .
but who am i , for i am humbled by the sheer brilliance of read its article on the Merchant Of Venice or the posting on how extreme following of football gives meaning to empty lives.

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