Monday, 5 July 2010

what is plan B?

First the woman i shall refer to as Mata Hari - seductive , exotic , manipulative and intelligent - the type of woman a man would do anything for. I did at some cost, find her true identity and could off gone on to uncover the full backstory. But my lips are forever sealed i will never disclose her true identity or write anything which could identify her. Gary is back on his blog - his thoughts are as interesting as my pugalistic skills.

You know not far away Conan Doyle lived at South Norwood where he wrote a Scandal In Bohemia in which "that women" Irene Adler got the better of the hero. Was it a draw between me and Mata Hari?

onto the big issue - David Cameron is seeking budget cuts of 40% - to save Britians triple A credit rating and the economy from imploding.

Previously on TV show BANKRUPT BRITIAN : A labour goverment was elected . Under a fog of spin and deception They set about the economic and demographic deconstruction of England. The Banking controls of the Bank of England are withdrawn. US banks start an exedus to the UK where they will be free from US regulations against reckless lending impossed during the great depression. The Clinton Administration repeals the US controls.

Gordon Brown raids Britians private pension funds , sells off half the nations gold reserves and bargin prices. A massive but unproductive spending spree is underway mainly in Labour hartlands of the North and thousands more state none productive drones are recruited .

The mass immigration- open borders policy has some 8 million migrants pour into one of the world most densly populated countries. France, Spain, Germany, Poland are all twice the size of the uk. This is an economic policy known as overcrowding . Drive up the price of property and you creat the credit base for private borrowing - private consumer debt in the UK is now about highest in the world. At the same time the labour goverment by this turn a modest trade surples into , as a percentage, the biggest peacetime trade deficet -imports over exports-in British History. As with the true numbers of immigrants much of Goverment debt being rung up is hidden. EG the PIF Public Iniative Finance - instead of new schools , hospitals being paid for out existing funds -they are funded by loans paid back over years and decades ahead by the private sector.

Towards the end the Queen was so concerned at the economic destruction, that for the first time ever a soveriagn had a private meeting with the governor of the bank of England.

Now the conclusion of Bankrupt Britian - Can Cameron by sacking state employees - over a million state jobs are going , by massive state spending cuts save the economy . We know this is the plan -lets call it plan A . But if thats not enough what is plan B? read my next posting to find out.

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Anonymous said...

Scrap the 7.3 billion overseas aid budget. On his blog Tory MP Ian Dale 05/07/2010 says that India , wgich has huge currency exchange reserves " is spending 633 million on its space programme. We cant afford one but are giving them 825 million."

Why do they want a space programme is it to put Paki shops on Mars ?