Monday, 26 July 2010

The Right Thing To Do

The release of the alleged Lockabrie Bomber. Even if the US official version was remotly true, as if , we should adopt the Machevelian morality of spy fiction- The lesser evil for the greater good. It is in clear British interest to do deals with Lybia.
Recall -when in the 1980s the US wanted to bomb Tripolli -to try and assassinate Gaddafi - only dumb Britian ,out of the EU, let the US use our airspace. Gaddafi responded by donating to the IRA. In a movie worthy of some Mata Hari femma fatale The Americans then totaly double crossed us - Noraid!
As a globally trading nation , see Cameron & Cos intelligently planned India trade mission trip, Britian should only do what's in its economic and strategic interests -the two are entwined.
We can't pick and choose clients on account of their in-human rights record. For Historic reasons competitors Japan and Germany do not have much of a military related equipment trade. We are number two- Good.
Most of the ethical types are hypocriates -its never their job , income or security on the line. They just ask others to suffer the consequences of their idealism. EG who usually gets the Ayslum seekers next door. Let Geldolf, Bono , The Milburn brothers ect sell all their vast wealth stashed away in tax havens and give it to the poor. They will get bonus points on their Heaven reward card and maybe cannonisation by the Pope.

SHERLOCK HOLMES - the new BBC 21ST centuary set Sherlock, based on the character of Holmes, actually worked and was well thought out. Most of the 1930S AND 1940s Holmes films had been modernised but then the films where no further away in time from the original stories then the Bond films today are from Fleming's books. It was just that the changes in the 1930s world from the 1880 S where more striking -planes, cars, electric light , radio and cinema.

There was once a tv spoof in late 1970S - Holmes and Watson are rushing along Ealing Broadway . Holmes " Whats the time? -" Replies Watson " 15.32 14 TH August 1978 . Responds Holmes " Watson, I fear we may be to late."

More to come on which time zone stories should be set . King Arthur in an imaginary 12TH Centuary era or a realistic 5th Centuary?

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