Tuesday, 6 July 2010

plan b

BANKRUPT BRITIAN -what if the US economy tanks - or the Spanish banks given that Santander own some UK ones. What is contingancy plan B

1 In an economic crises of the 1920s the goverment passed the geddes act or some such name and cut the wages of all state employees by some 15% , it caused a near mutiny in the navy. Dole was cut to. Freezing wages and benefits until inflation reduces their value is to slow. Just cut then use the threat of serious social unrest as the pretext to recall the army from Iraq and Afghanistan .

Greece is selling off remote Islands and Italy Mountains. At fixed price or nearest offer . OK we could sell off Britians best views - lake district or Highlands.

A much better scheme SELL STUFF ON E-BAY. think its the Asian billionaires who have the most spare cash.

The stuff in the British Museum , it could never be sourced to day with all the restrictions on antiquaties leaving their location. No point in letting the Greeks buy back the Elgin Marbles as they dont have any money. But lots of Asian billionairs would bid for the treasures horded by the British Museum.

Don't bother upgrading Tridant- the nuclear sub-defence system. We cant afford it. What is it that Bond villians do - the steal say a prototype death ray and offer to sell it to the highest bidder. So sell Tridant on e-bay. Screw the Americans who are plotting to screw us over BP. Only sell it for gold. My guess is that the worlds top exporting and manufacturing nation China will buy it off us . They want this system we need the money.


Anonymous said...

One reason the country is deep in debt. Read the story in Daily Mail 06/07 -headline "live in a £1m mansion." Do you think this Somalian family would get all that in France or Germany. I have often gone into the supermarkets and seen these Somalian women loading up supplies for maga size families paid for curtesy of the British taxpayer.

Anonymous said...

Hi David -yes why not sell on ebay,seems same as when skint Chavs have to sell family bling at Cash Convertors