Wednesday, 28 July 2010

tilting at windmills -don quixote

First Brian who is very good at ID closet Gays - Says that apparent football hunk Christiano Ronaldo is really gay and that he is normally relaxing on the beach with his buddies -until papperazi appear then he ensure that they are surounded by beach babes. His latest as cover has been to suddenly admit that he is the father of a child with a waitress he only briefly meet . As she is getting a big pay off from a rich man she is sure to be happy to act as a decoy.

I once said that Jack Straw- previous posting- was the most dangerous man in Britian . He has a replacement coalition energy secretery Huhne .
This rich nutjob is against nuclear power. Which we urgently need for our future energy needs - our current power stations now old and worn out. We have a population well over 70 million and a computer dependent set up.

France has long run its energy needs by nuclear power plants and even exports energy -including to us. What are we meant to do rely on pathetic windmills . So called alternative energy is like alternative medican or alternative comady -mainly shit.

Does this country -or at least the liberal elite -have a death wish -?

We increase the population of one of the three most -per square mile -populated nations on the planet by immigration all adding to our food and energy needs at the same not taking steps to provide for our energy needs.

The original Green - was Pol Pot who dreamed of returning to an agrerian "utopia" year zero.

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Anonymous said...

See the readers comments - you can be sure that this multi-millionaire has personal conections to so called Green companies -mainly snake oil salesman.

ps Both his wife and mistress look a couple of dogs.