Friday, 30 July 2010

Ideas for free - caution adult stuff -reader discretion

This is not my sort of thing - just some free ideas for those interested in the "sex industry."

1 - The 3D film of the last centuary which made the most money was 1970S The Stewarderesses - a sex comady about the sexual adventures of an air hostess. Its now being re-released and you can find the 3D trailer on

Forget up market more exclusive

This would require capital investment - A bargin version of Ann Summers - - Everything in these female friendly high street shops is way over priced. In these credit crunch times when even Waitrose has an economy range. An everything 4.99 p shop version of Ann Summers pitched mainly at the Sharon and Tracy market . Ann Summers almost everything they sale -ok maybe excluding life size sheep model - could easily be sourced , if a cheaper made version, and sold at £4.99 . Look at what can do - what we are talking about is essentially cheap plastic and cheaply made in Banggladesh garments . It should take in account lower class tastes - such as panchent for black men <500,000 href=""> > and that many of the customers are dimensionally challenged. As in the original fat slags Sharon & Tracy.

Note in The Sun -30th July they profiled maximuse a womens breasts bras - the Ann Summers Kissing Cleavage was £22 -rated above it as better product the Primark -maximise your assets £6.

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