Saturday, 21 July 2012

Don't Say Nothing Gang to carry Olympic Torch through Croydon

TEAM GB - have not read this anywhere - nor googled it up but is there any other nation competing in the Olympics which does not just say Country name - Team?

Team GB - sounds more the name of a sports wear -cargo cult- chain.

Greece - with its small population - a part of its current debt is from the huge costs of staging the 2004 Greatest show on Earth . For the 2008 Greatest Show on Earth the Chinese , as ruthlessly as the Highland clearances, bulldozed poor peoples homes for the Olympic sites. Displacing one and a half million people. How many migrants will descended on England for the GB Greatest Show On Earth ?  How much debt will UK taxpayers be paying off for the privilege of staging the greatest show on Earth.?
2016 its in Brazil so they will remove all the poor people from the streets for the greatest show on earth.   . Why does earth have to go on hosting this pagan extravaganza - why can not some other planet host the next games?

Monday 23 July - Croydon has 100% more police officers around due to Olympic Torch passing through - sort of like a plague virus - than when crowds started gathering for the planed riots. On the afternoon of the riots -all 30 or so cops normally around had been withdrawn - when the riot took place they turned away reinforcements sent from Thames Valley . Today 300 at least for the Olympic flame as it passes through Croydon.

Here is another reason to hate this event inflicted on our country - Blair claims that Cherie helped us get them. The Woman part of Matrix the law firm which made more than any other out of Blairs Human rights act.

The GuiltOlympics GB wins Gold for denigrating its own nation.

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Read 22-12-2011
What he said in 2011- see his short precise article - The 2012 Olympics will be the final calamitous testament to the great obsessions of Tony Blair