Wednesday, 4 July 2012

China sets up beachead - For its troops ?



Perspective tenants for the flats in Angola?

What explanation best fits the facts.  If this had been built by a Western company it might be a property investment scam in which something has to be built but the developers don't care it will never sell -lots of stuff  like this in Spain and Ireland . But its not the Chinese know that the cost are way above what most Angolans can afford and its rich elite would not want them. Angola has oil and plenty of other useful stuff .Think advance planing Geo-politics . First build all sorts of things to help the locals like fortress style apartments , highways -for tanks , harbors for frigates and airports for military jets  -all ready and waiting for your army to one day move in and occupy.

PS slightly off topic but my original post of the Spy in the bag -Gareth Williams -that it was a sex act gone wrong was correct. I was shaken in this view when experts in the field said they could not look themselves in the holdall . However since then two people have succeed in doing just that -videos on Daily Mail web site. Moreover a former Landlady said at the inquest that she once had to free him after he tied himself to the bed.   The reason that they can find no evidence -forensic or CTV of anyone else is simply that there wasn't.

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