Thursday, 5 July 2012

Wind Turbine to join cast of EastEnders

The BBC being enthusiasts for climate change and re-newable energy resources are adding a wind turbine -installed in Albert Square . Apart from promoting wind farms its hoped that when the wind is sufficient blowing across the EastEnders set at Elstree studios it may provide power for some of the cameras and lighting equipment.

Equity -the actors union has classified the Wind Turbine -as a standing role. As it's a none speaking part.

The BBC promotes the man made climate change lie scam . As my post on the Emma West protective custody lie scam - if they promote one thing that is a self evident lie assume that everything they promote might be suspect.   In the 12 th Century where  Robin Hood story is set it was perfectly plausible for outlaws /brigands to live in the then dense forests in mild climate all year round. The BBC most recent Robin Hood was the first Historical set in England drama of others to have a black actor play a member of the ruling Elite - they did the same with Richard 11.

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