Friday, 3 June 2011

amazing claim that Britians Got No Talent Is Fixed

An incredible and truly astounding allegation has been made, allegedly by a Sony executive on the internet that Britain's Got No Talent is fixed -unlike say football
see story Daily Mail

Other fantastic claims which can not possibly be true :

All Kate Moss pictures require extensive photo shop work

The England Team at the 2014 World Cup will preform crap

The number of migrants in the UK is millions more then any official figure

The audience for Question Time is  pre-screened and selected for liberal bias.

In the case of the superinjunctions Master Of The Rolls Lord Neubergers prime and only consideration was  the interests of his rich lawyer friends.

All Tax Payer funded services -will avoid making any savings but instead will cut what are called frontline services such as local council makes zero savings on administration , executives pay and perks but cuts libraries and closes public toilets to inconvenience the public.

The 2012 Olympic Games will not have massive overspend -being a property scam and eventually the constructions utalised for a covert Islamic overspill suburb complete with mega Mosque.

This is true - Superstar Wrestler Macho Man faked his demise in a May 2011 Florida auto accident in order to lull his opponents into a false sense of security before his ring comeback.

As they say in America -Wrestlings real its life thats fixed.


Anonymous said...

just a note on 2012 -its not only the year of the Olympics but the 1,400th anniversary of Mohammed becoming a prophet or warlord

Anonymous said...

Some web site gave the changing odds at the bookies for Britons Got Talent. The one thing the Bookies like is the majority betting on a firm favourite which then losses.

Anonymous said...

add this to the list of things which can not be true. Longtime Risk Assessment Manager of Lehman Brothers , Madley Antronic is now Treasurer and Vice President of the World Bank.