Friday, 26 November 2010

enemy within

go to scroll down to post -muslim gangs rape white girls in britian -it has direct link to daily mail story on how a muslim gang in the Midlands target over 100 mainly white girls.

Think about this the left feminists =such as the coven -web site and man hating MPs and lawmakers such as labour deputy leader lesbian Harriet Harmen are always going on about women as victims. Yet with few exeptions they are in favour of non-selective large scale immigration. So you get Ablianian sex trafficers and frequent rapes and sexual assualts by Albanians -where it seems to be part of their culture to rape and abduct women of other tribes.

We are rarely told the following:

The white middle class sex crimes are more harshly punished and pursued to keep the targets in balance . Dont believe it check the figures of who gets what for yourself. This is covert CPS and Home Office policy. check

London has an average of one reported group rape - pc term for gang rape a day. This has even been in the Guardian.

Since 1994 , when it was over a third of rape convictions, we are not given an ethnic breakdown of who the perpatrators are. you can find some figures on blog .

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