Friday, 10 December 2010

smart spending -compare and think

The UK -NO just England has made major hike in Uni tuition fees . OK dump stuff like Media studies ect. But things like physics , engineering ect all that will happen is that those students given big loans to study usefull subjects - which they can then use in other English speaking countries -will have a bigger incentive to migrate on graduation to avoide paying the loan and interest back. This cost cutting is due to £4 billion cut from University budget .Far Less then stolen via RSB.
The country has higher tuition fees then Germany and France yet spends much more on its military. the country has spent but its own account five times this on wars of no benefit to the UK in Iraq and Afghanistan. Then there is going to be almost as much , after final overpriced bill, for the 2012 Olympics. Plus the cost of the supporters who will come on tourist visas and fail to go home, after the great event.

A US scientist made another calculation -for the cost of these two wars to the US they could have built a hundred nuclear power plants reducing US energy imports by 40% .

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