Sunday, 5 December 2010

Biggest corporate fraud in British History

Guess which UK bank bailed out by the taxpayer is one of the most exposed to the Irish debt? Yes its the RSB. Think what really happened in Ireland -which is now full of empty hotel and office blocks built by "property developers" who bribed Irish Goverment officials.

ITS BEEN ANNOUNCED THAT THE FSA REPORT ON THIS BANK IS TOO COMPLEX AND WILL NOT BE PUBLISHED. Lets guess there will be a press campaing to get it published. Eventually they will give in and nothing much wrong will be found in the actions of the bank which has lost the taxpayers tens of billions while enriching-overtly and covertly - those who run it .This is the FSA cleaver trick -the report is a cover up but by pretending to hide it and then being forced to revel it the discredit any conspiracy type theories -clever.

All we seem to read about is a few minor ex-MPs , whom we have never heard off, who drew the conveniant legal short straw re cynical prosecution, for fiddling some thousands in expenses . Then of course for footie worshippers we have been robbed by FIFA corruption out of hosting the 2018 World Cup. Pity we where not also robbed of the 2012 Olympics.

What is the real biggest corruption case ever in UK history? Its this Russians bribed people at the RSB into granting high risk mega "loans". Several Billion have since been written off -the tab picked up by the UK taxpayer. One such case is that of Leonid Blavantic ,whose over a billion pound loan has been written off. The people who passed it are still at the RSB stealing their yearly bonuses. Just put the name and RSB into google. A good account is on -if too anti- semitic-

note day after i wrote this story on how US lawers accused people at HSBC of taking kickbacks from US super ponzi scam Maddoff , costing investors billions more and in effect helping to keep him running for years more .

Bankers are not stupid =they are very smart indeed at enriching themselves.

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