Thursday, 30 December 2010

fantastic web site plus From Russia With Loot

One of my faves is the which is best on the web for searching info on movies -as much of its written by the public. Turns out it was originally created by a guy in Bristol. see

From Russia With Loot- if Russian so called Oligarchs -high percentage Jews -100% mega thieves keep their loot in London , then its to the UK gain. Can't see why anyone cares about a crook like Khororkovsky -whats it to do with us if he got a fair trial . None of those Oligarch made money in the way IKEA or Microsoft made money by making things . When the USSR disintegrated the former state employees where given shares in state companies but had problems getting their wages-probably intentionally as the managers where being bribed. Then these Oligarch raised money via their bank contacts -often in London so why complain -and bought up the shares from the impoverished workers in the various energy and extraction companies.

Those who did not go to Israel moved to London where they keep their loot -running a few football clubs ie Chelsea and Arsenal .

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