Saturday, 1 January 2011


It was clear back in 2008 that they had only stabilised the situation -so maybe the real super rich could have time to move their assets. I E-mailed then the real event will be the unravelling pf the US Bond market and thereby the US economy. An analogy;

In a TV drama Shadowlands -later made into a film - CS Lewis imagines his wife's cancer is in miraculous remission . Not so said the consultant "its like a train , its only heading in one direction but every so often it slows down and stops for a while at a station."

Sorry not all links work as some sites want you to e-mail the article to others -so link only takes you to main site and you have to look for article. this is -the great debt bubble of 2011 by Johan Norberg =asking if goverments averted financial disaster or paved the way for one....

A globel financial house of cards -?

Is the next pope after this one going to call himself Peter -check this one out.

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