Tuesday, 28 December 2010

there will always be an England


this is a Telegraph leader . A few years back when the traitor party was pushing its religious hatred law -opposed by the Christian TV channels , black Christian Churches ect -the Telegraph run article headed -People should be free to call Muhammad a paedophile if they want.

The Muslim population of our England increased by at least 74% under the years of the last Labour governments -intentional mass immigration project.

Read the readers comments - Lots of interesting stuff - eg Much of the meat in our institutions ,supermarkets and take aways is in fact Halal. This is mainly economic eg New Zealand exports so much to the Middle East that more or less all meat from there is Halal.

Muslim gangs around the country groom ,specifically white girls. Mentioned in postings

Muslim inbreeding accounts for a third of UK birth defects -their was actually a recent TV programme about this.

As mentioned in the Times -official figure-50% of all adult male Muslims are unemployed.
What about the attendant costs housing their often larger families?

As the former Prime Minister Of Singapore said -Unlike other migrants the second or third generation of Muslim migrants are not more integrated then their parents but more assertively hostile .

Belmarsh Privately run Maximum Security Prison is majority Muslim. When imprisoned evil doers convert to Christianity the usually become better people . But when they convert to Islam they just have purpose to their evil doing. Case in point guy from Bromley , Reed who used to mug old ladies converted and then made inept attempt to blow up airliner with shoe bomb.

Can you think of any good reason why it is advantagous to England to go on admitting lots more Muslims?

Dp you think a lot less might be a good idea to start out with ?

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