Friday, 10 December 2010

The Heart Of England

See story in Mail and readers comments -2000 year old thorn tree hacked by vandals. It was taken from one of the cuttings of the original preverved after the Roundheads -Skinheads of their time- hacked down the original. Maybe symbolicaly the root will re-grow. Will the just flickering candle lite by Ridley and Latimer ever burn bright again.

Glastonbury should be better known for it roots in English History -then a music festival- King Arthur was probably buried there.

As for hawthornes they where used to destroy Dracula at the end of Hammers last film -Satanic Rites Of Dracula , which fell into the public domain after the studio went bankrupt.


NOTHING TO DO WITH THE ABOVE POST -the other day i was talking to this light skinned Jamacian guy , he had one lived illegally in Canada -which for generally living standards he said was far better then the UK. His parents live in Canada , anyway he was detained as an illegal -held in jail for close on a year while he waited appeal aginst his immediate deportation - his choice only his appeal failed. In the UK he meet and married a Polish women , having a daughter.
Anyway we where talking about food -he buys all those big Carribean Fish whole from the markets. He also kept a pig in his backyard intending to kill it for a barbacue only someone reported it -the RSPCA and the police came round and confiscated the live pig as he was not a licensed slaughterman. He also keeps Piranha -unlike in the movies- they only need to be feed every few weeks. So he buys a live rat from a pet shop -not same shop every time in case the noticed a pattern and feeds it to the Piranhas .

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