Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Downton Abby - Spiffing Storyline

Warning Spoiler ahead - Downton Abby -the Footballers Wives indulgent fantasy of luxury living projected back into a more elegant age, for some. Already had a story sensation when a diplomat expired after passion in delectable Lady Marys bed. Pictured above is a scene from another sensational episode. To boast  moral Lady Sybil Crawley has set  up the Madamoisell From Armentieres Strippergram Agency . As its 1916 they only get down to scanties . Then its kick off for the big push on the Somme .By mistake a few days latter the strippergram agency gets the job of delivering lots of war office telegrams.

If only someone could create stuff in photoshop i would not be restricted to available pictures -see this one i dug up from                                                                                                                                        

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Anonymous said...

They cut the scene with the dildo -due to its similarity to one of its lead actors and a superinjunction.

As it was 1916 of course the dildo was not molded plastic and battery powered but clockwork inside a leather casing.