Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Straw Man -Scarecrow

In Daily Mail Sinister Straw Man -Jack Straw claims prison works. Under the thousands of new laws introduced by the criminal party the jail population has almost doubled. Doctor Johnson once said that proto -communist Rousseau was more dangerous than any felon in Newgate. Straw was a key player in the Labour conspiracy to use mass immigration from everywhere in order to deconstruct the kingdom. He is -or was -one of the most dangerous men in England.

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Anonymous said...

1 in 6 uk prisoners is foreign born, even allowing for the figure being skewed by backlog of Poles held on the EU arrest warrant.
How many of our citizens have been raped, robbed, and murderd by all the migrants that Straw and his pals let in under their open borders policy. Can't remember which labour Home Secretery had to resign over the failure to deport people convicted of armed robbery , rape ect.