Monday, 8 August 2011

Ethnic Shoping Guide - hot spots to find vital supplies Nike, Blackberry, Plasmas

Maybe we could have a TV reality series Britons Got Riots . What i can not understand is why they did not hold the riots in Knightsbridge where better gear for sale on R-Bay  (Riot Bay) could be requisitioned or are the top shops too well protected?

DISINFORMATION TIME the BBC are calling them English Riots as none took place in Scotland or Wales. Everything will be done in the Media and court sentencing to play down the specific instigation of and prime role of specific ethnic groups. One white student Nicholas Robinson no previous  in London got six months for taking £3 of water from all ready looted Lidel store. At least 70% of rioters in London riots where black ,mainly of Jamaican origin you can be sure that this will not be reflected in those convicted or the sentencing based on the relative seriousness of their respective actions. The courts are of course rigged like X Factor or WWE wrestling to produce a racial balance in outcome.
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A conveniant riot? Most often their is a news blackout about black riot in the streets type incidents. Back in 12 March there was a major street riot in Tottenham which took some hours to contain apart from some local reporting it was not covered by any Media. Then in August the drug dealing gangster was shot by the cops a stones throw from Broadwater Farm . At the time the Metropolitian Police had been getting bad courage re phone hacking ect. This time a local riot in Tottenham was given major media coverage. Why?