Monday, 8 August 2011

UFO s = 400 Sightings reported to the MOD -the big question then is ....

Are these Aliens from another planet and can they lend money to save the worlds financial system ?

The only other alternative is for Doctor Who to go back to the 19th Centuary invest in all the sure fire investments and return to 2011 to draw out all the money and save the important part of the banking system so that the Banksters can go on taking out their bonuses before it all collapses. When they had a financial collapse in Argentina a few years back the elite secretly arranged for their money to be turned into dollars and shipped it out over the weekend in armoured trucks. Then the banks collapsed and the goverment took over only allowing the common people to draw out small amounts of their own money a year.

Cool comment someone -not me- posted on Telegraph comments on the Tottenham Riots
" The ethnic gangs progressed from mugging people to mugging shops.  The gangs of investment bankers have progressed from mugging people to mugging countries."

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