Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Lady McBeth shocked on hearing what had happened.


What would be really interesting is what the Murdoch organisation had on Blair /Brown and how they used it to aid News Corps  commercial interests . His papers covered up story about Blairs daughter suicide attempt. 
After the Welsh secretery Ron Davis was relieved off his mobile phone by black rent boys( he was preforming sex acts on ), the phone ended up at which paper?. After Mathew Paris MP outed Mandelson on Newsnight The Sun run headline "Are We Being Run  By A Gay Mafia?"

Blair and Brown -maybe News Corp either had something on their private lives or wanted them to think they did.

Re readers comment on Telegraph web  -A private Detective agency who did work for NoW where suspected of murder . NoW put the Police officer investigating this murder case under Private Eye survalliance to pass information onto the murder suspects -who had something big on A VIP , see outline in this link Daily Mail 
This is Johnathan Rees -murder suspect -connected to corrupt Police Officers -The News Of The World and linked to a suspect in 30 murders.A Member of the Masons he was cleared of murder this March due to CPS convenient screw up. In 2000 he was imprisoned for trying to frame an innocent women on drugs charges for a client. On release he was re-engaged by the News Of The World.


Anonymous said...

Daily Mail had article strongly implying her positions at Murdochs press was down to her positions with Rupert. This was expressed more directly by people leaving comments on yahoo news.

Anonymous said...

It was the police who sold the then missing schoolgirls mobile number to the traceing agent for Murdochs papers.

They also sold on the info the Gareth Williams, a still unsolved mystery , was working for M16