Tuesday, 19 July 2011


Go to above link see 18 August story -Economic Goverment would intergrate Europe to a degree not seen since the Roman Empire

I think many posters on newspaper web sites are engaging in wishfull thinking -the peripheral euro zone debt crisis will not mean the demise of the Euro . As the free business paper City AM  19/07   has it -"Markets see fiscal union as the solution." In other words Sovereign debt will erode remaining sovereignty.As the EU will move towards a Federal Bank and Federal tax collection.
Who imagined in the 1970 s the fall of the Soviet Empire and countries such as Poland becoming EU members . Watch for Turkey(The Eastern Roman Empire) to be integrated by stealth into the EU.  Wonder if a soon independent Scotland will leave as, unlike Ireland,  it was not part of the original Roman Empire?

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The key fact is this out of the EU , Germany alone exports more then the United States. The United States is going to default on its so far 14 trillion plus debt. Maybe not now but at some point it will. Its debts are insurmontable. The key players know this and are just playing for time, will they make contingency plans.