Monday, 20 February 2012

Fake terrorist threats as pre-text to create police state by stealth

The Terrorist threat is also being used in the United States for the same means -

Maybe some fake or exaggerated Terrorist threat will be uncovered during the Olympics to help pass this legislation - as it will sell lots of papers will be easy for Government spinmasters to get it hyped.
Think about this the "security people"  can not even keep check of who comes into the country but they want to be able to keep tabs on peoples private electronic communications.That's requiring all UK servers to store everything for potential fishing expeditions on the Citizens. Allegedly to keep track on potential terrorists - Since the IRA ceased activity who else but Muslim groups ?  Would they not use proxy servers and overseas based sites for any of the key stuff . Does it not seem to you that this is not a project to protect the citizens but one to engage on all sorts of spying on the people of England under the usual false premise.  recently the serious organised crime agency- operation no doubt for some pay off from the music biz- closed down a music downloading site - for a day they left a message saying that anyone who had visited the site and downloaded music was open to prosecution and a jail sentence of up to ten years and they could all be traced by their IP address.

In the Sherlock Holmes story The Final Bow he created a fake German spy ring to ensnare enemy agents. Post revolution Russia's secret police created a fake anti-communist front The Trust to do the same. Maybe the security people could create a few entrapment web sites for Muslim "extremists" . Final thought in the 1950s the security services seemed to have employed quite a few communists. Do they have a non-discrimination policy and recruit Muslims to GCHQ and M15 -when any one of them could turn and become a double agent.

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