Thursday, 16 February 2012

Can this man save England

It was Scottish gays - Blair, Gordon Brown & Alister Campbell who set about using mass -immigration from  Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe in order to Balkanise England. The 9.3 million ethnics -almost same size as population of Sweden. The 9.3 million  the figure on the Guardian web site are not spread evenly across the United Kingdom from John Groat's to Lands End but concentrated on major cities of England.
The head of the SNP is also a closet gay but he may be the best hope for England . Thought he might like the Highland view as pictured above.

End the Union and their exists a chance that the English tribe will have a new rebirth of identity .

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Anonymous said...

Rupert Murdoch is going to back the SNP . He always backs whoever is to his commercial interests. He backed Mrs Thatcher because she was going to crush the Unions -the prints ones where costing him money. When it was economic expedient he switched his support to Blair. In the US he backs the republicans.

Murdoch deal with the SNP is this -the party is going to cut company corporation tax in Scotland -where much of Sky TV is already based . So he gets backs the SNP for an independent Scotland and will end up profiting by millions.